Post Graduate Diploma in Sustainable Rural Development (PGDSRD)
Reappearing form

Instruction to the candidates

  • The eligibility of the candidates are accepted for the academic year 2020-21 and 2021-22 for reappearing in the final examination course(s) which they have not been able to pass/missed appearing in the exam.
  • The student is required to pay the Re-appearing exam fee of Rs.300/- per paper and enclose the online payment receipt with the application and submit the form.
  • The scanned copy of application along with online payment receipt of examination fee should be sent through email also to on or before 10-05-2022.

List of Re-appearing fee Categories in SB Collect

S.No.No. of PapersSB Collect Category
1One PaperReapperaring Fee One Paper-Rs.300
2Two PapersReapperaring Fee Two Papers-Rs.600
3Three PapersReapperaring Fee Three Papers-Rs.900
4four PapersReapperaring Fee Four Papers-Rs.1200
5Five PapersReapperaring Fee Five Papers-Rs.1500
6Six PapersReapperaring Fee Six Papers-Rs.1800

Form of Application for Supplementary/Re-Examination, June 2021

Details of the Examinations(s) (First Semester):

Appearing for
Fee(in Rupees)

Fee Particulars

Fee to be paid :
Upload SBI Pay Receipt* (pdf files with minimum size 5kb and maximum size of 1MB)