Post Graduate Diploma in Geo-Spatial Technology Applications in Rural Development(PGDGARD)
Reappearing form

Instruction to the candidates

  • The eligibility of the students are accepted for the academic year 2018-19 and 2019-20 for reappearing/Improvement in the final examination course(s) for three years from the registration which they have not been able to pass/missed appearing in them. They must clearly indicate the name of the Centre they were attached to, the name of the course etc.
  • In order to avail facility to Re-appear for exam student must enclose an online payment receipt of an amount @ Rs. 300/- per course (or Subject) and should be attached with application. However, if they have submitted the Assignments, previously, they will be allowed to write examination. Marks obtained by them in the Assignments will be taken into account.
  • The application along with online payment receipt of examination fee should be sent through email to on or before 01-08-2020.

Form of Application for Supplementary/Re-Examination, July 2020

Details of the Examinations(s) (First Semester):

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Fee(in Rupees)

Fee Particulars

Fee to be paid :
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